Sponsors & Exhibitors 2022

Why sponsor ?

Compared to more traditional conferences, AEW 2022 hosts a variety of sponsorship options intended to create more opportunities and increase brand exposure for participating companies. By utilizing the concept of the Energy Village, AEW 2022 not only spreads sponsorship opportunities across multiple venues and over a myriad of session structures, but across multiple platforms through physical, in-person delegations as well as the event’s website, applications, and streaming services.

Through premium sponsorship opportunities including conference arena’s, breakaway rooms, workshops, lunches and cocktail lounges and networking receptions AEW 2022 maximizes sponsorship and engagement. By investing in AEW 2022 and taking advantage of the range of sponsorship opportunities, you are not only participating in Africa’s top energy conference, but immersing yourself in a one-of-a-kind experience.

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Why exhibit?

AEW 2022 recognizes the value of tailor-made branding experiences. Our exhibition area is central to the Energy Village layout and open to all attendees, providing the maximum possible exposure for exhibitors. A wide range of sizes, designs and experiences are available, allowing you to showcase your organization’s innovations, talent, and ambition in front of the entire African Energy Week audience.

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